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Before the interview: How We Screen Our Job Seekers


We like to take measured and holistic approach when it comes to finding the right employees for the job. Because we are looking for quality job seekers to match with our companies, we are careful about the candidates we place. This is why we have a thorough screening and testing procedures at Financial Professionals.

We implement a thorough national and state background screening for every employee that comes through our agency. This is not unusual; nowadays, background checks are very common in seeing whether or not employees are falsifying their applications. The Society for Human Resource Management reported that eight-seven percent of organizations conduct criminal background checks on a least some applicants. We verify if candidates have a criminal record, if they are who they say they are, and we look at their credit reports to get some insight on the candidate’s reliability and responsibility. After all, we want our employees to be responsible when it comes to handling other people’s finances.

In addition to background checks, we also give a series of tests to every person who comes through our agency. Each of these tests were designed strategically, so there’s no way for candidates to cheat the system. Our Bank Rely Test reveals employee’s work ethic, and is a good way to determine their punctuality and attendance record. The Work Attitude Questionnaire tests applicants’ attitudes toward theft and respect toward other people. It also flags checkered behavior, such as substance abuse and problems with anger management. The Bank Customer Service Survey tests a person’s strengths and weaknesses; how friendly the individual is when working in sales, and how they deal with conflict situations. The General Information Appraisal is a reliable gauge for testing one’s overall intelligence, including logic skills. Last but not least, the Teller Test, designed specifically for bank tellers, tests money math skills. We see how quickly these candidates answer the questions without a calculator. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guide that helps prepare candidates. The results are out of job seekers’ control. But the good news for candidates is that if they’re honest, trustworthy and responsible, chances are they’re do well passing our tests and our screening process. The best advice we give is for employees to be relaxed and get a good night’s sleep before taking their test. The rest will fall into place.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about our screening and testing services.

Ron Ray

Ron Ray is Owner/Chief Executive Officer of Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based financial staffing agency. Since 1981, Ron has worked with a variety of banks and banking professionals to ensure they are working with the best talent.

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Keep an Eye on Your Virtual Resume

Social Network Background Checks

Image courtesy of Forbes.com.

Your social media activity is your online fingerprint and it can speak volumes about you to an employer. Increasingly more HR departments and employment agencies are performing background checks on a candidate’s online presence, so don’t let your activities lock you out of your highest potential job.

A large misconception is that adjusting privacy settings will keep prying eyes away. There are still some activities visible regardless of settings, such as groups you belong to on Facebook. Social media is a powerful tool and even after you have cleaned up your act, be careful about posting rants to your friends. Don’t be surprised if even your ‘friend’ copy/pasted your complaint, and slid it anonymously under the boss’ office door (I’ve seen this happen).

Also, Twitter usernames are no exception. As Managing Partner for a financial industry recruiter, a candidate whose Twitter name is @hotlips will raise flags, no matter how qualified the resume is.

Scouring your social media sites may not be enough. Before you apply for a job or approach a recruiter, Google your name and city to see the virtual breadcrumbs you left behind. Data collection sites can paint a public picture using online sources you visit and even your online photo albums. Most of these sites allow you to request that the information be removed, however not everything can be removed from the internet. In 2010 the Library of Congress bought the archive to any tweet on the web.

As more recruiters turn to social media as their recruiting tool of choice, protecting your virtual resume is crucial. So think twice — If a post is not something you could share with your parents, then it is probably not appropriate for an employer either.

Miki Rose

Miki Rose is the Managing Partner at Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based recruiting agency specializing in financial jobs. Miki leads client relationships and business decisions that position Financial Professionals as a top staffing source for the southern US region.

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