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Cybersecurity is No Joke

Intrusive security questions are sparking conversation lately, forcing banks to adopt better methods of protecting information. In the past, many banks did not use steps beyond entering a standard ID and password, but now more advanced features require business account holders to use security keys such as the RSA SecureID token for transfer of funds and transactions.

Banks need to stay on top of the technology curve by seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to protect their customers and their assets. Besides setting up the best infrastructure possible, the easiest solution is to add extra layers of identity authentication. In addition, it’s also important for banks to screen out potentially harmful employees before they leak secure information.  

There are a few things everyone can do to guard off cyber threats. First, keep virus and firewall protection up to date. Second, make passwords difficult and survey online activity for personal information that you may use for passwords — ie: mother’s maiden name, first car, and pet names. Lastly, watch what you share over social networking. Sometimes simply writing it down is the safest bet.

Miki Rose

Miki Rose is the Managing Partner at Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based recruiting agency specializing in financial jobs. Miki leads client relationships and business decisions that position Financial Professionals as a top staffing source for the southern US region.

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