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The MPA: Your Candidate’s Management Skills, Explained


Growing and developing a successful team not only takes time, it takes key players with great management style. Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for a supervisory role or is looking for career growth. How do you know if someone is coachable? A micromanager? A perfectionist? A strong resume and a great interview are good indicators for identifying qualified candidates, but they can’t assess work-related areas and personality traits that affect a person’s overall potential for a higher-level position. This is why we’re pleased to offer our Management Potential Assessment (MPA) Test, a psychological assessment designed to evaluate employees’ work style preference.

The MPA is a simple and secure online test is geared to any business wanting to add or replace key positions, hire managers or supervisors, and gain insight on employees’ work behavior. It identifies five important “behavior clusters” that analyze an individual’s work style, management styling, problem solving skills, mental stamina and how they interact with others. Employers receive an organized report that provides professional characteristics and key strengths – evaluating everything from how someone plans projects to delegate to how he reacts to stress. The report also comes with customized coaching suggestions to help develop employee performance and an action plan for an employee’s career growth.

The MPA is easy to take, applies to a broad range of industries, and results are delivered immediately. The 45-minute test was developed by Kurt G. Helm, Ph.D, a licensed and certified psychologist who has been developing effective and trusted employment tests for decades. Contact us if you’d like more information about our screening and testing services, and visit the Testing page of our website to download more information about the MPA.

Erika Boswell

Erika Boswell is Vice President of Recruiting at Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based financial staffing agency. With a background in Marketing and Management, Erika uses her expertise to place prospective job candidates and seasoned talent where they belong in the financial industry.

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