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Top 3 Apps For Job Seeking

Everybody’s got an iPhone or an Android, which means everyone should get used to apps. Since they’re available for both phones, be sure to have the right apps that can help you find a job while you’re on the go. Here are three that I hope will lead you to the next interview (and maybe even us).

1. Facebook – See if your friends are talking about new opportunities, and don’t forget to follow the businesses you want to pursue. Financial Professionals is on Facebook for this very reason. Don’t forget to look and act professional.

2. Linkedin – Linkedin has a simple app you should check regularly. It’s no secret Linkedin is taking the lead for networking towards the next step.

3. Job Search by Indeed – Get rich input on any job happening in specific cities and markets. The Job Search app also has an alert function that you will find useful if you want to be first to get your resume in.

Download these apps, and you’re one step closer. Hope to see you in our office soon!

Ron Ray

Ron Ray is Owner/Chief Executive Officer of Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based financial staffing agency. Since 1981, Ron has worked with a variety of banks and banking professionals to ensure they are working with the best talent.

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Networking for the Job: What a Tech-Savvy New Schooler Should Know

Think of how much easier it is to find the “prime connection” for your dream job. It probably takes less than 5 seconds to search on Linkedin for the “Loan Operations Manager” of XYZ Bank, learn about whom you would be interviewing with, then craft your perfect sales pitch. However, it wasn’t always that way – at one point all you had was a telephone, a phone book, and maybe a lunch spot in mind to meet. You definitely had to try harder. But there were some key things that still carry through the generations.

Knowledge of the Industry. Nothing breaks the ice better than a passion for the job. Show the employer you’re an encyclopedia of knowledge and not afraid to share it. This makes people confident to spend their time hearing you out.

Personal persistence. Back in the day, people got on the phone and called their job leads to touch base and follow up. Today, you can email or message anywhere in the world, but it’s not as personal as a one-on-one conversation. Even our agency, Financial Professionals, encourages a phone call.

People make the decision. The bottom line is that there’s a real human being that will make the decision. Know when to be personable, but also know how to express your wish to be hired and leave it at that. As long as you respect others’ time, you will come out on top.

Erika Boswell

Erika Boswell is Vice President of Recruiting at Financial Professionals, a Dallas-based financial staffing agency. With a background in Marketing and Management, Erika uses her expertise to place prospective job candidates and seasoned talent where they belong in the financial industry.

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