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Are You a ‘Clone-able’ Employee? – Part 3: Team Players

The third personal attribute that I believe is requisite of a ‘clone-able’ employee is having a team player’s perspective and attitude. Within the context of organizational life, it is relatively easy to understand why this particular trait is critical.

A simple definition of ‘organization’ is a group of individuals acting on a shared purpose or set of purposes. This notion of collectively “acting” toward a common goal requires that the individuals involved both understand and accept their respective roles as well as the roles of their associates.  Without this understanding and acceptance, each individual would be left to figure out and act on whatever tasks and behaviors they individually identify; thus, creating chaos, duplication of effort, conflict, and a very ineffective organization. We can look to the science of Biology for an excellent example. Just imagine an ant colony without a common set of signals and directions, and the ants headed off in every direction trying to accomplish some task…obviously not very effective!

Conversely, team players exhibit a common set of behaviors that promotes team effectiveness, and thus organizational effectiveness. Team players make sure they understand what is expected of them and they ask questions if they don’t know. They take time to understand the larger role of their group and when they are able, offer support and assistance to their colleagues where appropriate. In addition to offering support to colleagues, team players acknowledge and celebrate their associates’ successes. Everyone appreciates a pat on the back, and it usually adds something special when it comes from one’s peer group. Furthermore, this kind of recognition promotes a feeling of belonging and cohesiveness among the team members.

In summary, the very definition of “organization” assumes that the group members consciously cooperate and support each other toward the accomplishment of the group and organization goals. Are you a team player? If not, you may want to look at a career in which you can succeed based solely upon your own efforts and accomplishments. Good Luck!

Al Sniadecki

Alan F. Sniadecki is principal and owner of Organizational Effectiveness Services, LLC in Carrollton, Texas. Al is veteran of the Financial Services industry having served over twenty years as the senior executive Human Resources Officer for several Texas based financial institutions prior to establishing his consulting firm. His practice focuses on improving organizational effectiveness in the areas of vision and mission development, strategy development and implementation, human capital management, ethics counsel and leadership coaching.

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